Monday, January 29, 2018

You ALL Have Been Lied To!

It's now very obvious we have cracked into some form of new dimensional field. Attempts to send messages between the selected locations have resulted in disastrous occurrences which can no longer be ... "fixed".

Like a highway's cloverleaf interchange, it keeps looping back in and around itself until it ends up strangled in a web of confusion and chaos.

We know, somewhere out there, there exists the untarnished civilization we used to call our known universe. We can no longer see it nor interact with it. We can only hope and acknowledge that someday we will interact with the reality we once knew and latch onto it.

Time and space have absolutely no meaning to us anymore.

We have been consumed by our own greed and want for forbidden knowledge.
We can only hope there were others out there who've had the same ... disturbance ... and can decipher whatever messages we have been sending and bring hope that we may someday be found.


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