Friday, July 14, 2017

Fringe of Survival

Power has returned to many of our substations. Communication has been sporadic, yet it has been determined the Earth will never be the planet we once knew and loved. Reports of massive destruction and continuing attacks have been coming in non stop!

I'm not sure if my information, discoveries and calculations made it to the right people and I have lost all hope that this weapon I have created can save humanity.

We've made contact with members of Earth's space station who have been watching this onslaught during these past years. It's amazing they have survived up there all this long. I'm sure their hope of returning has long fizzed out. Brave people, very brave. ... They have been communicating "safe areas" back to those of us here on Earth, places where the invaders have been ignoring; allowing us to set up more substations and research facilities.

We are going to set up a rocket launch system in Houston where we can hopefully send help and much needed supplies.

We can only win this fight if we can keep our communications with them ongoing. In order for us to survive, they would need to survive as well.