Wednesday, March 3, 2010

¡La Mano de la Libertad!

The Hand Of Liberty!
That's what they call the effigy.

The dedication ceremony was one year after the debacle (my mom takes horrible pictures). The creature's destruction of the city paled in comparison to the damage left by our military. While I knew the Statue of Liberty was destroyed, I had no idea the circumstances surrounding the whereabout of its head! The images on the video were shocking - there's bound to be pictures that were taken that night floating around the Internet.

A lot has been going on this past week.
Sakura met up with Hal. He's in rough shape, and I'm not sure of their current status. They disappeared before I could approach them at the restaurant. They need to contact me as some of the information on this LapTop is extremely hard to decipher. What is plǝıɟɹǝʌolɔ?

I got a bit frustrated going through some of Hal and his guest's junk, and decided to watch a movie. I popped open the disc tray and found these scraps of paper!

Also, Hal's guest user may have known something of the fate of the statue.
This image was dated nearly one month prior to the incident!

April 27, 2008

I'm under close watch, but the officials deem me as "just a kid with a computer."
Whenever they are around, I play video games! Yeesh!

One a side note. Hal's daughter (and many of the wedding guests) perished in a bizarre occurrence. The FBI stepped in, but not before the coroner had reported: "asphyxiation due to contaminated Sterno usage." Hal was not the only one feeling 'blue' that day.


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was there Slusho served at the wedding party? This is very important as to what may have happened to Hal's poor, poor daughter

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What happened to the remains of the monster?

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I am heart broken; Hal is in very serious condition. I don't know how he was able to pull off meeting me at the Red Bamboo. He's not doing well at all.

We've been able to talk...really talk & he's shared lots of shocking information with me. I'm still tryin to process it all.

I was able to show him all thats been going on here on his blog & he was surprised when he saw the photos you've posted. He did not have the guest's password himself so he is glad you were able to crack it.

Thad, sweety, Hal & I need a huge favor from you. Now that you have accessed the guest's side Hal needs the laptop back. We're gonna have to figure out a way to meet up with you; not only to get the laptop from you but also to talk.

We'll keep in touch.


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