Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Great Evils

I can not return this LapTop to Hal, unless I know for sure
that he is not associated with the enemy!

Pieces of the creature have been distributed worldwide for
scientific experimentation. Military applications have been
set forth to try and duplicate the compounds for use in
battle armor.

Furthermore, many of the smaller creatures have been kept
alive, and their toxins have also been evaluated by Military
scientists as a possible bio-weapon!

Regardless of the information I have discovered, Hal must
have known some of this. Apparently, he's been infected
with the toxin, and claims he left a piece of whatever element
he was working on (maybe an antidote?) back in a hotel room
while stationed in Europe.

There are no clues, and there are no great remedies.



Jason said...

Poor guy, didn't even see it coming

Jpeg002 said...

I lost my sister to one.

Anonymous said...


I understand why you'd wanna confirm that Hal is not on the enemy's side. Yes you did find information proving that Hal was once part of this coverup but I think you already know that he no longer is & regrets his participation.

Sweety, last month, didn't you post an excerpt from a message he wrote?

"...I wish I had never worked with the Administration during the cover up. While I have destroyed the original tapes, I saved copies before burning them...Now, it's begun yet again! And you all continue to remain on your lazy asses; worried more about the 'bottom dollar' than you are about the lives of millions of souls. ...Word will get out. I promise you! -Hal"

He is determined to get the truth out for all to know & to help the people not the enemy. I have promised to help him & was hoping you'd help us. You can start by meeting with us to return the Laptop & discuss the plan. After all, don't we all want the same thing? The truth?


Jason said...

Im sorry to hear Jpeg002. What a disaster. SAkura I hope you can get some answers very soon.

chickenguy12 said...

Wait, those are screenshots from one of the videos at