Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A pile of torn paper seemed promising.

This isn't true.
Not that I expect my saying so to have any resonance or meaning for anyone.

The difficulties of a jobless (and very sick) man, who's only claim to fame was a little film with a single, jarring 9/11 reference, can not come to grips with what many perceive to be the real world outside their own shell of reality.

Sakura tried to get me back on my feet. That little bastard, Thad, only wants to defeat me (?), and all I want is a semblance of my life back.

It isn't just a film. It was a piece of my life that was grabbed away from me and shattered on the ground!

Work on the second has provoked my downfall.

What started out as a simple experiment has gotten drastically out of hand, alas, eventually failed.

I never asked for help.

I ask for answers.


RasGold said...

Just an FYI, they've been selling irradiated diamonds for better than 30 years now.

If the radiation posed a problem don't you think we'd have heard about abnormal cancers of the finger, or people's fingers falling off by now?

Radiated Diamonds?

LOL! ... Looks like one of your chop-jobs, Hal.


Hal said...

You are not funny, and your insults help no one!!

You've obviously discovered the Ford and the Diamond, but have you found the Hawks and the Splatt?!?!?

You ignorant f*ckers seem to think you know everything. I, on the other hand, have been force fed a bunch of crap that led to my illness. I would watch out if I were you. You may come down with the sickness.

Jason said...

The Hawks and the Splatt? Hal your not making any sense here. What is 10cfr20 and 10cfr835? Hawks aand the Splatts? You mean Rob and Jason and Hud?? You all told us that you got bitten by your neighbor that led to the infection. Your not yourself and I will find the truth. Your time is running out. There is hope for help for you. You need to stop running. No one is going to get sick

Hal said...

You are ALL going to get sick!