Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Fourth World

This notion is not a new one but this time it is a definite plan which I intend to carry out. I have worked it out carefully and I am thrilled by the idea. Naturally I feel nervous, but the pleasure of anticipation is great.
I do seem to remember a process where you people ask me questions and I give you answers, and then I ask you questions and you give me answers, and that's the way we find out things. I think I read that in a manual somewhere.

The next time I write in this diary I may be dead.


tmonee said...


You're infected? Your imdb posts don't indicate you are feeling bad.

What's up?

Anonymous said...
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Jason said...


Haven't you caused enough pain and suffering? I almost gave you chance and thought that there was some goodness left inside you hoping that you would come around, but I was wrong! Now my friend is infected and your going to sit back and do nothing. She doesn't deserve this. I will make sure you pay for what you done!

xxn said...

Wont you find it difficult writing if you are not alive?
or, maybe not...