Sunday, May 2, 2010

Approaching Oblivion


Anonymous said...

Sweety, what's with the burnt MARC Codes list, dead butterfly & Clovers?

The Marc Code listing...from what year is it? You know that thing gets revised & changed due to changes in the entities & the jurisdictions of the entities. Is that relevant to what you're trying to tell us here?

What xactly are u saying?

Anonymous said...

hmm...on top there; are those the plans for Greyshot in Central Park?

Hal said...


Why you are very intelligent for a pretty, young girl.

Why don't you stop by sometime, and we can better discuss our injuries together!

You don't easily fool this old man with your coy remarks. Tell Thad "hello" for me, why don't you? Better yet, why not tell those you are working for to find someone else to play their little game of "hide and seek" with.

I've got a life to get back to.


Anonymous said...

Hal- never told me you thought I was pretty. Thanks for the compliment but everything I know about observation, research, analyzation, etc... I learned from you. :)

Sweety, now I know for sure that your very ill & absolutely not urself.

Injuries?! I've said it over time & time again. I feel fine. I am fine! I do not understand why Thad posted that he is ill because I spent time with you, in very close proximity, & I am not sick or INJURED.

Anyways...about Thad; we do not speak to each other. He made it very clear in a previous post that he does not trust me. I have not made any more attempts at contacting him since I apologized to you & practically begged you to let me help you in anyway possible with your health & exposing information.

Sweetheart, I understand your not doing well but assuming that I have befriended Thad; that's just ridiculous! Now making up that I am working for someone who is playing games with you...I cannot believe you'd accuse me of such a thing. We've been close friends for years. You know everything about me; who my family & friends are, where I live, what I used to do for a living before I decided to stay in New York to help you. Come on now!

You've got a life to get back to? Silly me... I thought friends were a part of someone's life. I also thought you'd allow me to show you how much I care about you & regain your trust. I did admit that I was wrong to leave & chase after Thad, no matter what my reasons were, but my purpose for staying here has not changed. Let me help you, Hal. BTW, yes that does mean I am not going anywhere. I gave up my life to be here for you. I lost some of my best friends last time & there was nothing I could do to stop it. This time I will fight.

Honey, why don't you stop writing me BS on your blog & just call or email me? Let's get things straight once and for all so we can deal with the real issue at hand.

Talk to me about all this new stuff you have up here.

Whether you like it or not...

love u,

Jason said...

Hal you are very lucky to have a friend like that! She is trying to help you through all of this and all you keep doing is push her away. So why don't you answer the question and tell us what the photos mean now? I did my research on the MARC codes and I came up with a few things. What does Turkey and Caico Islands symbloize? Is there some kind of lab there?

Turkmen S.S.R.
[Coded [tkr] (Turkmen S.S.R.) before June 1992]
USE Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan [tk]
[Coded [tkr] (Turkmen S.S.R.) before June 1992]
UF Turkmen S.S.R.
Turks and Caicos Islands [tc]
UF Caicos Islands

This what I put together

Clovers and a dead butterfly? Is that a symbol that the monster can fly? Greyshot bridge? Its all too confusing. You do realize that people are going to get sick if you keep doing this.
Lastly, be glad that Saukra is giving you many chances. She is not fooling no one and she is trying to help you get your life back why can't you see that? I too know your ill, but like I said don't punish us for what someone else has done to you.

Anonymous said...


I think I get it. This is just a sample of what he'll be doing to all the information he has...obliterate it. Seems like he wants to do away with it all and take everyone down with him rather than help save people.


Where is my friend? Have I completely lost u? It's as if ur under the control of those who made u ill. Not only have u deteriorated physically but u've slowly turned cold, heartless & mindless. You've turned into some kind

Hal said...

Jason ...
It's from Trinidad and Tobago.

Sakura ...
I am staying at 113 Jane Street, room 508.

Banish Work.
Come and meet with me.
I will be waiting across the hall.


chickenguy12 said...

Hal. You still planing to come out of hiding this Friday?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Hmm...interesting choice of accomodations, sweety. I hear that's a killer neighborhood.

I didn't think I'd see you until this weekend in Queens; I'll meet you at Cafe Gitane.

See you very 500N.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying you have information, for me, from or about BANISH WORKS?

You know I detest when you promise me things & you don't deliver.