Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It has become increasingly difficult operating this equipment single handed.

My thoughts have become sporadic and charred by my misfortunes. The small pittance earned from the sale has all but run out completely, pretty much making this whole thing pointless. Sorry for you, Thad, while your mother wiped the hard drive clean, she did not obliterate the cache. The information is retrievable. But, I fear, my deterioration may hinder any chances of me finding the cure. Why have you done this? Why? Were you bored? Did you want attention? What do you think you could have personally gained? I'm curious what you are seriously expecting/hoping for.

As for those of us who worked on the project, we felt we were doing mankind a favor. Our operation was covert from the beginning. We had no idea something as misguided as a falling chunk of space debris would not only take out one of our satellites, but also accelerate one of the many experiments which had not been properly safeguarded. We just didn't know.

The crew has scattered. Some ran away; frightened by what had happened. Many remained, trying to tighten security in the event some unforeseeable occurrence happens in the future. As for the "here and now," clean-up teams have formed to eradicate the errors I have made, both here in NYC and in London. Along with my co-workers (good luck, assholes), that bitch, Sakura, has left me here to die, running off on some idiotic tangent to find Thad. I still don't know who that little shit is, or why he's so hell bent on whatever "mission" he feels he needs to conquer!

I can only wait and see. If he's infected, as he claims to be, ... And, I see by some of the comments posted here, the infection may be spreading despite any efforts by the YMR solutionists. Living flesh is not concrete.

Eventually, concrete erodes and crumbles.


Anonymous said...


Remember, you were the one who rejected my help once you found your laptop's harddrive had been wiped clean!

I only went searching for Thad, cuz he was the only one with the information! It is quite obvious you have been having serious issues coming to terms with your involvement in that project and also with what you have become.

All I want is to find the antidote and expose your team's operation.

Hal, sweety! I need to get back to you and help you!


Curtis said...

Wow the infection must really have you messed up pretty bad by now. You might want to come clean before you go...

Jason said...

I agree with Sakura. Let her help you. If your going to punish anyone, it should be the people who did this to you. Your not alone. We are not going to give up on you.

Taylor said...

"'your' not alone" jason? really?!

i sure hope this isn't legit, because the studio better be firing your ass any second.

chickenguy12 said...

Hal, please, just give Sakura the information. Think of how many lives would be saved! Do you want what is happened to you to happen to everybody else? Think of all the children that would suffer, the world may collapse. Just tell us more, give Sakura the antidote, the lives of BILLIONS is in your hands. Think of everybody you care about, imagine the pain the world would be in. We all just want to help. If you don't give us the info, we may all die. At one point you, yourself, said that we are all going to get sick. Don't you have an urge to stop it?! I am only thirteen, almost fourteen, I have not lived that long, I don't want to die! Please Hal, do it for the world, do it for the human race.

Jason said...

What studio do you speak of? I don't work for any studio.