Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Involved a “Clinical Trial”

As my mind absorbs the absurdity that one unruly child could stubbornly evoke such madness, I hereby stand fast in the hopes of recovering my original identity. I started this blog out of madness, and (the irony) it appears this will end likewise.

Of all the concerns - trying the serum on real people after it's been through plenty of tests and development - I have unwittingly become an experiment within an experiment! You cannot imagine the deep hurt I have knowing the truth, while not knowing my own outcome. An examination of my previous post would conclude: the virus is not only spreading, but at an alarmingly high rate of speed! Those children were part of yet another failed attempt to extract a specific compound that was responsible for this interesting bioactivity! Not all of their bodies were found on the floor, six of the subjects escaped and they may be out there; trying to find the help that many of us are now seeking. DO NOT LET ANY ONE OF THEM IN!

The skin of the creature, while not made of iron, has already been integrated into modern warfare mechanisms. The transformation process has greatly exceeded the knowledge of those who have the skills using such weaponry. It's only a matter of time to see which power dominates this field. As well as the venom from the so-called parasites, which has also been integrated into the cells of many unwittingly unknown specimens, a third compound exists that only an extremely few know about.

Furthermore, the Expo is scheduled May 7, at Flushing Meadows. I will try to make an appearance; release any knowledge I know, and try to find the help needed to bring this to a realistic conclusion.

But, don't get your hopes up.



tmonee said...


Now you are just mixing up Matt Reeves' new movie Let Me In with Cloverfield. Gimme a break.

RasGold said...

"- trying the serum on real people after it's been through plenty of tests and development -"


That's a line from the Tagruato Website!

Experince a day in the life of a YMR scientist

I also checked out that "Expo" you referred to: Better Living Through Technology?

Are you trying to tell us a "teaser" will appear on that date, while a full fledged "trailer" will appear at Reeve's film in Oct?

Just a thorght.

Curtis said...

Hmmm. I hope so. I find this stuff interesting but I'd like some resolution soon.

Jason said...

Hal the time is now to expose those bastards that did this to you. Even though I dont have my hopes upI think May 7th would be a good start to show us something.