Friday, February 19, 2010


My name is Carol Foster.

I am a member of the overnight nursing staff at St. Vincent's Hospital.

Mr. M was one of my many patients.
He left the hospital prematurely after his latest surgery
(taking his arm with him).
This laptop was one of the items I had retrieved from his apartment,
along with a brief journal, both of which he has left behind.

After failing several attempts at cracking the password,
I brought my 14 year old son down to the hospital to try his skills with the thing.
It turns out the password was "PASSWORD."
Mr. M is a fan of movie monsters as his icon was that of Godzilla.
There's also a "Guest"
(whom my son has not yet been able to crack this password),
with an icon resembling some form of tribal tattoo:
a symbol resembling a snake with a sword or dagger trust into it.

There's not much information on the laptop,
just a few odd videos, and some notes.
After checking his eMail contacts, (which there are only three) I found this blog,
which is highly outrageous and inappropriate to my mind.
The remaining contacts are to his management
and someone who I would assume to be his daughter.
I have sent the message of his disappearance,
but there has been no return contact.

As for Mr. M ... The tests have been coming back,
and it turns out his infection was not due to the bite from his neighbor!
In fact, "Richard" has stumbled in also showing signs of the same infection.
Mr. M's viral status must have been contracted while in Europe or, worst case,
before he initially left New York.

An agent from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has locked down Mr. M's apartment building, and is currently assembling the roster list of both flights Mr. M has taken.

I will also try to decipher Mr. M's chicken scratch from his journal
and post any information I do find here.


Patrick said...

Google translate works well.

simpdawg said...
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simpdawg said...

The snake icon is in reference to Tagruato. Have you heard of this company before?

simpdawg said...

So, did the infection happen in NY, or did it happen in Europe??

Anonymous said...

Sra. Foster:

Mi nombre es Sakura. Ver su mensaje aqui me alegra y me preocupa a la misma vez. Me alegro porque ud. ha podido explicar un poco de lo sucedido con Hal pero me preocupan las circuntancias agravantes en que el se encuentra.

Yo llevo tiempo buscando a Hal para saber como sigue. El dia quince de esta mes fui a buscarlo al hospital y no lo encontre; pense que simplemente me habia equivocado de lugar. Luego lo busqué en su apartamento; cuando no lo encontre le deje un mensaje aqui. Me imagino que ud. y su hijo ya deben haber visto mi mensaje que igual que el suyo no ha recibido contestación.

Ya que nuestro proposito es el mismo, encontrar a Hal, le ruego que si logra saber de el o encontrarlo me deje un mesaje. Yo hare lo mismo.


- - - - - - -


Tagruato sounds familiar but I can't remember why.
It seems like Mrs. Foster isn't sure if the infection was from Europe or here. Wish I knew my way around here better. I feel i'm stranded.

Todd said...

Sakura, where are you.

Todd said...

Ms Carol Foster. What are the notes and videos of that on the laptop?

Todd said...

He had mentioned in an earlier post something about sketches. are there any sketches on the laptop?

tmonee said...


Did you or Hal ever drink Slusho?
This is important in locating him.

Thad Foster said...

tmonee ...

Where Was It?