Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeling Blue ...

Sadly ... I have missed my Daughter's Wedding.

I had returned to my apartment in New York for just this occasion. I know things will go well for her, although I had hoped to video-tape the event.

Alas, my prayers will go out to her and her husband in my dreams.

I have canceled my flight back to England.
The infection has been spreading, and I can barely stand on my feet. Take a look in the mirror and I cry, "Lord what you're doing to me?"

There's screaming in the hallways.
Sirens blare in the city streets.
A quiet buzz fills my head.

The crew can continue without me.
I will fax them the sketches.

Doctor's on Tuesday.
I'll see you next Wednesday.


Jon said...

Looks bad that mate

Anywhere But Here said...
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